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Hummingz EVO - Retro Arcade Action at its best
Shoot, Kill, Collect, Upgrade, Boss Fights

iPad version iPhone version OSX - Mac version
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Hummingz Evo Game Play Video on iPhone

Hummingz EVO Screen Shots

Hummngz EVO - Busy in action Hummngz EVO - Bee boss fight Hummngz EVO - Spider boss fight

Hummngz EVO - Frog boss fight Hummngz EVO - Fast blue bugs everywhere Hummngz EVO - Handle 3 bosses at once

Up for some retro arcade action spiced with extra bullets and BOSS enemies? A garden is a peaceful place, you think? Hummingz EVO will teach you, that there is WAR under the hood! Shoot your way through many different levels filled with nasty bugs, spiders, frogs, bees and more. Fight huge BOSS enemies and collect extras.

The rules are easy



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