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Santa's Xmas Mess - Help Santa to fetch the presents
Great seasonal game ( not only ) for kids

iPad Version
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Santa's Xmas Mess Screen Shots

Again... Santa flew way too fast with his sleigh. He dropped all his Christmas presents. Help Santa to catch them and save Christmas! Santa's Xmas Mess is a fun game for all ages.

The Elves know Santa quite a while and they also know that he is always in a hurry. In good sense the Elves equipped each present with a parachute, so they can glide safe to the ground.

Game Play

You can activate/deactivate the parachute by tapping the presents. Try to drop as many christmas presents as possible to Santas Sleigh. In each round you have to drop a specific number of presents to the sleigh. The bottom left corner displays a 'hat' for each gift to go. The bells in the bottom right corner indicates how many gifts may pass the sleigh.

The Sleigh

You can speed up the sleigh a bit by tapping it. Fast Gifts Free falling gifts get a trail after some time. If they drop to the sleigh, you earn extra points. Drop three or more 'fast gifts' in a row to receive a combo-bonus. Comet From time to time a comet passes the sky. Tap it three times to earn extra points.

Candy Canes

Candy canes are equipped with a small blue parachute. You can only disable the parachute – after that the candy cane falls off and hopefully hits the sleigh.

Bonus Round

Each 3rd round is a bonus round. The gifts take it up to the sky. Tap the gift in the right moment to let it land on the sleigh.

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