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Done Tracker - Track and visualize personal occurances and goals

Track: money spent, working hours, coffee consumption, headache, pain relief pills etc

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Your Tracking List

Your tracking list contains events you would like to track.

An event can be a record of:

an occurance like

  • a coffee counter
  • an appointment
  • a date to remember

a numeric value like

  • a payment
  • a distance
  • an amount of everything

a timespan like

  • working hours
  • exercise time
  • time spend on something

Even more data is stored with each event:

  • a timestamp
  • an optional comment


A target can be defined for each event.

This can be:

  • a value to go for
  • a value to keep under it


Target indicator

The state of the 'Target to go for' is indicated by a progress bar which updates with every new record.

The state of the 'Target to keep under' is:

  • OK ( thumb up ) in case the value is clearly under the target
  • Attention ( indexing finger ) in case the value is about 80% close to the target
  • Fail ( thumb down ) in case the value reaches the target

A note indicates an entry with out an active target.


Add Values


Use the Timestamp field to set the 'creation date' of this entry. This might be useful if you want to add previously missed records.

Use the Comment field to enter a brief description of your entry.

Add a timespan value

Choose the duration directly ( hour and minutes ) using the Picker-Control or...

Set an start- and end time. In that case the time span is calculated automatically. You can also choose one of the listed presets.

Note: The start- and end time is not stored. Only the listed time span is stored.

Add a numeric value

Enter the desired numeric value. The unit of the value can be changed in the Event Setting dialog.

The value can be:

  • positiv
  • negative
  • integer number
  • float number


Visualize your data

Display your data development over time and get an overview using the statistics.

Data can be displayed by:

  • day
  • week
  • month
  • a whole year

Inspect your data in a Calender like view. Or browse all your data and comments.


Edit Event-Settings to your needs

Event Properies

Set a name and a comment for your event.

For easy identification you can set an emoji or a letter which is used as a 'logo' for your event data.

Event Type

Set a type for your event.

Three different types are available for your event:

  • Simple Counter
  • Numeric Value
  • Timespan Value

Additionaly you can add an optional unit to your values ( $, €, km, mil )

Target Value

Sometimes it is usefull to define a target value. Target values can be

  • a value to reach
  • a value to keep under

A timespan in which the target should be reached/should be kept under needs to be set.

It can be:

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year