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Toast Shooter - A fun game for all ages!
optimized for iPhone 5 wide screen

iPad version iPhone version Free To Play
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Toast Shooter Screen Shots

Toast Shooter - Toast is ready Toast Shooter - Don't let too many Toast esacpe Toast Shooter - Bous Time!

Toast Shooter - Help screen Toast Shooter - Start menu Toast Shooter - End of game summary

Get your Jelly Cannon ready for all those tasty butter toast jumping out of the toasters. But be carefull don't hit the dark toasts! Catch Rocket Toasts, Collect Bonus- and Power Stars, repair defect toasters, get tap-combos and play bonus rounds to beat the highscore! Let your fingers fly ... FAST!

YouTube video review of the iPhone version

Jelly Power

Don't run out of Jelly Power. Increase it by taping Rocket Toasts or Power Starts. Toast Taping a toast rewards 1 point. If you miss a toast or let it escape your Jelly Power is decreased. Dark Toast Taping a Dark Toast decreases your Jelly Power.

Rocket Toast

Tap a Rocket Toast rewards 5 points, increases your Jelly Power and releases a Power Star.

Power Star

Tap a Power Star to increase your Jelly Power. Collect 4 to enter the bonus round.

Bonus Round

All toasters releases Bonus Starts for 15 seconds. Collecting a Bonus Star rewards 5 points. Misses don't decrease Jelly Power.

Defect Toaster

Tap a defect toaster to repair it ( rewards 10 points ). Each tap releases a Bonus Star. Combo Tap Tap 3 or more items real fast scores a combo bonus of 10 points.


The game gets more and more difficult each time the timer runs out. You earn extra Jelly-Power with each new level.


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