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Spherical alliance - Arcade Jump 'n' Run Puzzle Action
Craft, Collect, Run, Kill, Puzzle

Spherical alliance - Puzzle Level Spherical alliance - Bubble Boss Spherical alliance - Coop Mode Spherical alliance - Fire Snake Boss

Do you like Magic, Wizards and Fairies? Help the little Wizard guiding his Sphere through the levels by making and breaking blocks. more...

iOS Version Windows / Mac OSX
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Hummingz EVO banner

Hummingz EVO - Retro Arcade Action at its best
Shoot, Kill, Collect, Upgrade, Boss Fights

Hummingz EVO - Bee Boss fight Hummingz EVO - Spider Boss fight

A garden is a peaceful place, you think? Hummingz EVO will teach you, that there is WAR under the hood! more...

Universal Binary OSX - Mac version Windows version
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Fairy Fire banner

Fairy Fire - Defender of the Fairies
Fast Paced Retro Arcade Action!

Fairy Fire - Title Screen Fairy Fire - Evil Spider Boss

Up for some retro arcade action? Extra weapons, upgrades, smart bombs etc are your favorite tools? more

Universal Binary OSX - Mac version
AcChen Banner

AcChen - 'Find the Matching Tile Game' the Arcade way

AcChen - Game Map with 3 Layers AcChen - 2 Player Game Map

AcChen is a simple to learn, arcade style 'find the matching tile' game. Master the 60 different level and 12 bonus maps in the single player campaign or compete with a friend in ‘Battle Mode’ ( Hot Seat Multiplayer Mode ). more...

Universal Binary OSX - Mac version Windows version
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Done Tracker banner

Done Tracker - Track your habits and goals.
Visualize 'events' in a time based bar-graph style or in a calendar view.

Done Tracker - Overview Done Tracker - bar graph

Done Tracker simply can gather various 'events' in life and visualize them in a time based bar-graph style or in a calendar view. No matter if you are working on a personal goal, want to track expenses, a time period or just want to 'save a date', Done Tracker can do it for you. more...

Universal Binary
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Barrel Defender banner

Barrel Defender - Fast Retro Arcade Space Shooter
If it moves, kill it!

Barrel Defender - Busy in Action Barrel Defender - Boss Fight

Barrel Defender is an old school retro Arcade Shooter inspired by 'Defence Command' an old Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 game. more...

Universal Binary OSX - Mac version
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Toast Shooter banner

Toast Shooter - A fun game for all ages!
optimized for iPhone 5 wide screen

Toast Shooter - Get the Toasts Toast Shooter - Bonus Round

Get your Jelly Cannon ready for all those tasty butter toast jumping out of the toasters. But be carefull don’t hit the dark toasts! more...

Universal Binary
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Pixel Cavern banner

Pixel Cavern - it's not retro it's VINTAGE
Fight your way through the cavern and destroy the nuclear reactor with your best shot!


The rules are easy. Shoot or dodge enemies and advance the cavern. Pay attantion to your energy and charge it on time - otherwise your weapon system will power down.

Santas Xmas Mess banner

Santa's Xmas Mess - Help Santa to fetch the presents
Great seasonal game ( not only ) for kids

Santa's Xmas Mess - Catch the Presents Santa's Xmas Mess - Title Screen

Help Santa to catch them and save Christmas! Santa’s Xmas Mess is a fun game for all ages. more...

iPad Version
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Retake Toolbox banner

Retake Toolbox 3in1 - pay one time and get 3 great tools!
Relocate, Switch Images, Retake Photos

Retake Toolbox - Relocate Picture Position Retake Toolbox - Photo Overlay

Pay one time and get 3 great tools!
1.) Store locations along with a pictures and other information and relocate stored locations.
2.) Document progress of any kind with pictures using overlays.
1.) Visually compare pictures ( find differences by switching between images ).

iPhone Version
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